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[19 Sep 2008|10:55am]

afternoons, albany, anthea, avocados, ani difranco, aubergines cafe,

I just clicked restore from draft and this is what i got...cool hey.

So I got an email last night from Alaya saying that i need to get of the flight at joburg instead of cape town because that's where she'll be. The travel agent called me just then and I asked her if it was possible. Straight out 'no'. 

Everything gets harder...

!!!!! Sandy, please don't tell my parents, i'm not decided on whether to tell them or not yet
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[07 Feb 2008|12:26pm]
[ mood | content ]

Hi everyone.
I'm sitting at Ellen St eating pasta that Ben made last night with a kitten sleeping in my lap. It's all rainy outside and I walked into town this morning and got sopping wet... but I love it. I've been missing the rain for a few weeks now so i'm really glad that some has arrived. I was just reading Poodlemamas post with the picture of her mother and it made me think about something i've been thinking about on and off recently. That my grandparents are getting to the end stages of their lives. I need to visit them, every day would be the best thing in the world but I only seem to make it to them every few years. So I think I will tell you all a bit about them, what I know at least.

My mum's parents are called Shirley and Dave Astbury and they live in a place called Natte Yalock in Victoria, near Avoca. They live on a farm with their son Pete (I love Pete!! He is the nicest man i know) and occasionaly his daughter Tessa. The farm is in very bad condition yet whenever i talk to Pop on the phone he seems ok about it, optomistic somehow. Granny talks, and talks and talks. Granny and Pop married after Pop got back home from the war, he was away for 5 years i think and has never talked to mum about anything that he did in the war and she doesn't want to know which i can understand but don't agree with. They are such gentle people and I love them so much that I am close to crying. I miss them, and have missed out on so much of their lives that I don't really know them at all.

My Dads parents are James (Jim) and Fay Petersen. They live in Boonah, about an hour out of Brisbane. I went to visit them in november last year for about a week. I love my Grandma and Grandad too of course but find it harder to get along with Grandad because of the generation gap i think and because he is quite opinionated. But they are generous and kind people and have given so much into the Boonah community, Grandad was the Boonah doctor back in the day and still has his thing that i cant remember the name of set up. I went to visit someone in hospital last year and realised that my grandparents smell was hospitals, their house smells of hospitals. I loved spending that week with them especially because Fay's sister Pam was there to look through the stacks of photos, doilies and vases that had belonged to their mother Thelma that Grandma had been keeping in the house. I learnt alot about grandmas side of the family and found a name of a somehow related person that i love...Nellie Buckley. I also got to keep some of Thelmas things which means so much to me, spoons and things (thanks for polishing them laura!)

That was incredibly brief and possibly boring.

I love them, I miss them, I just needed to say that.

Hope you are all well, as well as you can be. Happy New Year xox

PS. the kitten is still here!

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[07 Nov 2007|03:42pm]
I bourght a dress at the op shop today, it is a dark blue princess dres and is awesome!
Albany was good, i went down there for  a few days to see my folks. It was nice, we went out to dinner and had my traditional birthday cake which was reallly nice. I also did the coming of age nightclub experience. Friday night was good but saturday was pretty much just groping central down at nsomniaxs. I would love to go to a good club and just dance all night! yay for dancing. I went out each night with amy hetherington so we had bondingness which was really nice. She's got alot of knee pdroblems and im really worried about her cause she's always happy. So yes, Albany was productive and good, its a good place to visit.

I'm heading to Brisbane on the sixteenth for my Grandads  80th birthday lunch thing so i get to meet all the strange and lovely petersen  relatives.  I'lm doing stuff in Boonah where they live and then heading back  to Brisbane to stay with my gReat Aunt who often has off food, maybe i'll go food shopping for her. It'll be good.

Thats about all Kitten!
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[22 Aug 2007|07:06pm]
Working with paul from hypertheartre at the moment, we've been doing it all week, performing 20min shows to small groups of primary school children, a few groups a day. It's fun but we still have eight shows to go. There is a workshop on in the first weekend of October also with dancers and actors and directors which i am really looking forward too, its down here in albany/denmark/thecove. goodo

So yes, a house soon for living in in perth. I'm excited but scared of course. 
I'd love to have a dog, it would be just too hard though i think, although brenton did it and jesse is awesome to have around when you're feeling shity or lazy. 

There are some things i have to do up there to keep healthy and happy

-eat well
-go for walks and swims at the beach as often as possible especially when i dont feel like going
-bike ride around
-make friends
-keep space clean 
-be content and peaceful

if anyone can think of anything else please let me know.  

I think that's all, Anthea got a scholarship of like $1000, how cool is that!
ok, xoxox
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[13 Jun 2007|03:28pm]

I've got a new job doing kitchenhand work and a bit of waitressing at the bay merchants, everyone says Trish (the boss) is awful but she's been really nice to me, really enoraging and welcoming so im happy there.
its so cold today and im just sittitng at home doing nothing, dads home too becasue hes' a bit sick, has back pain and had an xtray to check out a lump on his neck.

ive got my last night at IGA tonight!! yahooooo

Theres a book that i think people should read, its called CRADLE TO CRADLE, if you're interested i can tell you who wrote it (because i cant' remember). Its about sustanable designs and stuff like that and it realises that people are freaking out and feeling guilty everytime they drive thier car or buy their groceries. It's pretty scarey in some parts when it talks about recycling for example but yeah, do it.

That was a pretty crap explanation of a book.

i feel so boring,, i often feel like this and dont know how to fix it. boring cold dark wednesday hey hey hey hey yeah!

antheas coming down next weekend for four weeks, mum bought her a shirt yesterday and its mustard colour.

my toe is numb, that kind of numbness that it when your toe is waking up from being numb, its been like that for about four days, freaking me out a little bit.

well i think thats about all news wise. there are other things but not in this post. going a bit insane. 
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[19 May 2007|10:27am]
Im trodding along at the moment.
Working from 8 till 12 at night on mondays wednesdays and fridays at IGA packing shelves. My row is number 7 and it has oils, pesto, pasta sauces, instant noodles, pasta, rice, and soups. Very exciting.
Im still looking for more work because im getting minimum wage at IGA.
Gah, total lack of energy.
Getting home really late means i go to bed but im never tired straight away so i read which is good for me i think, I read this last night..."and so she evolved this atheists religion of doing good for the sake of goodness."
That has been my mantra for a while even though im not nice all the time, sometimes i can be really horrible and im not realy sure why i do it. But I don't feel in need of a god to explain things for me or give reason to things that i dont understand.
I wish that orgainisations like world vision and other religious groups helping out people could just do it in the name of humans and say "Look, look how good people can be" Not " Look how good god is."
I may just not understand.
Hope eveyone is fine
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[08 Mar 2007|09:13pm]
This is the viola that I am seriously considering buying with the help of my parents, it is an Andreas Eastman make, model VA305 15and a half inch for $2300 with a case and a bow included. There is one in the local classical music shop that i had a bit of a play of today and it is beautiful.

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[16 Feb 2007|12:26pm]
hello :)
Home alone this weekend.
My family has gone up to perth with Anthea to help her move into her place at Trinity College. I dont have a car and feel totally stranded, there are things i wanted to do in town but im way way too slack to ride a bike into town. 
I need to find David Attenborough clothes, i have a pair of binoculars already though :)

Well, that was boring...
xo love you all lj's
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[21 Jan 2007|07:37pm]
hi :)
i got into curtin university with a degree in environmental biology, my ter was 77.8 just under what i needed for entrance into uwa (what i really wanted). Im in the process of deferring but i just loged onto this thing called oasis which is like an email service for curtin students, its cool.
by the way i dont even know if im going to want to be an environmental biologist after this year, not sure of where i want to go at all really but yeah.
went to a party last night
dont you love it how things can trigger songs in your head, sometimes i realise i have a song and i dont know how it got there and i try to trace my brain back but can't find anything but sometimes words trigger songs like when i was writing 'went to a party' i thought of 'went to a party down a red dirt road', a joni mitchell song. yipee
anyway the party was kindof weird, its a wierd tradition, going to someones house who you dont really know (and think looks like a horse) and getting drunk just so all the people dont seem so...i dont know, intimidating, boring, something, i know parties aren't always like this but last night was and it was wierd, although it was fun sometimes.

Arctic Monkeys - Dancing Shoes
Belle & Sebastian - Funny Little Frog
Dan Kelly/The Alpha Males - Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth
Fat Freddy's Drop - Wandering Eye
Herd - Unpredictable
Matisyahu - King Without A Crown
Peaches - Downtown
Regina Spektor - On The Radio
Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing
Michael Franti - Yell Fire!

roast vegies and couscous awaits
xoxoxoxooxoxooxoxoxoo love
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[03 Jan 2007|04:09pm]

hello hello! 
2007 its a nice number i think. this year i plan to...
-hotness of brome
-christmas family
we're about to head off to southbound tomorrow, volunteering is going to be good i think, we get to be part of the Green Team
my grandma is turning 80 on friday but we're celebrating it tonight because i'll be away. Grandma is lovely, she talks softly and slowly and has white hair and wears dresses made out of that really thin cottony fabric, she has so many of them i dont konw where they come from! when she eats it takes her a long time because she can't swallow properly, i wonder if she's always hungry? Grandma lives with grandad in boonah, a little bit out of brisbane. Grandmas name is Fay, it's a beautiful name. 

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[01 Jan 2007|06:45pm]

ahh poo feel poo feel poo 
when i was in bundaberg one afternoon anthea and i were standing on the back veranda watching the cane feilds being burnt off, i was sucking on a lemon for some reason and then something hurt, like my hand but i think it was my mouth becasue of the lemon, anyway there is some connections with lemon and pain, not sourness but some other discomfort.

teas ready x

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[23 Dec 2006|11:29am]
[ mood | yellow ]

hello everybody and merry christmas. 
i just have a few little bits of news
-i got my license! wehee
-i went for a bike ride at 700 yesterday morning(woke up at six) 
-laura is having a party and i get so see everyone, i love  catching up (laura im bringing champagne)
-we got chooks! two of them called betty and dot, its weird, when we were thinking of names they were all old like daphne and martha
- the weather is gorgeous

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whinge (sorry feel free to not read it) [17 Dec 2006|06:37pm]
[ mood | poopoo ]

poi feel so very very shit 
my relatives on my dads side (dads parents and dads brothers family) are coming to stay for and after christmas.
so today mum went.. ah i dont know how to say it, she turned into a ridiculously narrowminded shit, we were cleaning up the downstairs lounge room so that matresses coould be put in here and ahhhhhhh. she doesn't like dads family which is fair enough, they can be awful and weird but they are dads family, her husbands family, surely she must care for dads feelings and be positive for his sake. she is jealouse becuase her family can't come to christams whihc i can understand, i would feel weird not seeing my parents properly for 30 years but its not our fault, not mine not dads not antheas! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

and now the television is upstairs where i usually eat dinner while anteha dad and mum what the news because i hate eating diner infront of the tv, but now the tv is upstairs and can be heard in every room of the house including my room, IT IS INVADING MY SPACE! (ha ha myspace) i hate people invading my space, i used to get pissed off when people walked over my room because they where standing on my space, on me! they were walking on me!!!!1

anyway, at least i am more compeled to play musci and do some drawing and eat outside (thanks daylight saveings) 

goodnight live journalers

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[06 Dec 2006|10:03am]
it's ok everyone, i was haveing a day of feeling drifty but im GOOD now good good good, fried halumi
we can have fried halumi with spinach
meal formulation is occureing and maisie is homeless. with tools and no bed
i love ritch text mode and mmmmmm my parents are going to perth on thursday (tomorrow) until four days later i guess that will be
how is everyones sunday? good, yes good maybe not
i had a dream with ruth in it last night...yes you ruth, i went to your house and it was HUGE with brown concrete and big big places, i went outsiede and there was a garden and a shed and an undercover bit with a lattice for a roof. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

so how are my puppydogs of livejournal? good bad ugly?
im reading a book
THe great ideas by suzanne cleminshaw
its really good maybe its only so good becuase i havent read a book for a long time and to be reading one is awesome, i feel smarter when i turn the pages and hold the book. 
purple now 
im going to do that thing to confuse everyone....

blue red yellow purple blue orange green black yellow violet fromage blue

say the colour that the letters are in and then do it the other way around...backwards (only if you want to)
 im gong to see (hahahha gong!) to see borat at eight tonight yayayayayayyayyaa i want to see and inconveniant truth aswell

ahh thats enough for me to see and now wee with thee

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[04 Dec 2006|04:53am]
im feeling a bit weird today and i think it might go on for a while.

Seeing as all things school have ended, i dont really feel like i have a purpose for everyday, when we were at maragret river it was good because there was something to do everyday but today i dont know what to do and when i look forward into the next few months, there are things there, gigs, festivals, relatives visiting...but nothing that feels concrete, these things will come and pass very quickly and right now in my house it feels dull, like i am a doll bludger with no point in life and no direction, i just dont konw how to occupy myself and what to do next, or how to get to were i want to be.
I think it's just the lack of structure, i need to create some structure in my days even if its not going to school or going to uni or working full time I dont want to feel like im on pointless holiday forever.
Its just today, just because its windy and I feel disconected from the world today, just becuase this morning i dreampt when i was half awake that my aunty called my mum to tell her that my pop had a heart atack and mum said "He'll be dead by the time i get there." The phone did ring this morning but it wasn't my aunty.

I hope you are all well xox
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[23 Nov 2006|02:15am]

i have an indian head massage for an hour this arvo! yahoo, it is my graduation present from my folks.
Go LAURA!!!! on doing all the driving and being an awesome bean with her p plates :)
oh and the waifs are doing shows in australia again! yayyayayyayyayayayayay

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[11 Nov 2006|08:08am]
[ mood | moody ]

ok on three
one, two three

mmmm im procrastinating

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[06 Nov 2006|12:09pm]
yep, 2 done

THese are my year scores...
Applicable 45% or something i cant remember right now
Drama Studies 76%
English 72%
Chemistry 51% oh yeh i passed!
Biology 70% i think, something like that
anyway, and a, two b's a c and a d
and a little bit to go
my brain can't work it out though

Australian idol is so sad i hate it i want it to die.

i sound angry, im not really angry its ok :)
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[23 Oct 2006|11:12am]
[ mood | haaaa haaaaaa ]

yes maisie i wrote some words

one thing i can say
is that today im so
happy to be leaving school

if you say im water
then through osmosis i am
passivly diffusing to a sweeter world

there are some things ill miss
like stationary and my
graphics calculator

(and then i thought it should break into grease)
a wambamalooma
a wambamboom
chang chang chang chang changgggibup

a wambamalooma
a wambamboom
we'll always be like one

laura! asthma is being reduced in mice! theres hope :)

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[22 Oct 2006|11:08am]
[ mood | predatory? ]

ah yes i am silly
Happy birthday for today damo :)

i studied chemistry for a good portion of the day today but i still dont feel prepared, the chemistry syllabus is HUGE and its so hard to cram it all into my brain.

i nearly ate squid today

i'm dying my hair black for 'emo day' a day when all the year twelves get to dress up as emo's and totally take the piss :) hehe

ten canoes has come to the cinemas down here which is really weird, nothing good comes here! i saw it on friday with mum and i liked it but im not sure how much, everything was beautifly shot and the transitions and contrast between black and white and colour where really cool. i really like the aboriginal culture and stories and goodness. it definetly taught me to be patient :)
i also want to see.......an inconveniant truth because it is everywhere! everywhere everywhere

malalalallalalallalal, im going to wil anderson too but im ushereing because i have nil money's. it wil be interesting, i hardly ever see comedians live.

that is all goodbaiiiiiiii

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